Make an Apple Feeder

How to make an Apple Feeder Café

At some times of the year Birds like Waxeyes love to feed on Fruit. Tuis will also feed on fruit but they do prefer sugar syrup and only eat apples when really hungry or because they have just chased Waxeyes away.
When they are short of food (winter) or busy raising chicks (Spring & Summer) it’s easy to attract these Birds to your Garden by offering juicy fruits like Apples. They will then appear in your Garden on a regular basis.
The problem is that you will also attract birds like Sparrows. The aren’t native, do not need help to live and are dirty birds that delight in fouling their food with turds. Not surprising that they are vulnerable to disease.
 For this reason I never feed birds a seed mix as Sparrows will dominate it and make a mess.
Here are some ideas that you can use to build a feed station Café for them. This one will hold 4 Apples (or other fruit), (of course make a smaller or larger version). You can get a lot of the bits you need by another  visit to the re-cycle centre.  See the photo gallery to help you get it built.You will need:

  • 15mm marine plywood 200mm x 400mm (to form a roof)
  • a meter of 180mm x 25mm treated timber. (the main body)
  • 30mm x 2.5mm Galvanized nails
  • Strong water proof glue ( such as no more nails )
  • a meter of #8 wire
  • Jig saw or hole saw
  • Hand or skill saw
  • Hammer
  • 8mm dowel  for use as perches

To Build:

1. Cut the top of the main board with opposite 45 degree angles to form a gable.

2.cut the ply for the roof at a 45 degree angle at the top.

3. With the hole saw or Jig Saw, cut 4 holes 80mm in diameter and 170mm apart. (You may also like to cut some decorative holes in the top of the gable)

4. Drill 4 x 8mm holes 40mm below each large hole (for the perches)

5. Drill 8mm holes through both sides of the large hole. (The #8 wire skewers go through this)

7. Twist some light wire to make a loop to hang the feeder. Fit this onto the top edge of the board and fit the roof around it and nail in place.

8. Cut the #8 wire into 4 pieces 200mm long and bend at one end. This is what you skewer the fruit and hold it in place with.

9. I have used small branches for the perches. But use 10mm dowel if you have it.

10.Nail and glue every thing together. (Consider pre-drilling the nail holes. )  You may want to put on a coat of stain (to enhance its already good looks.)

11. Wrap another piece of #8 wire over a suitable branch and leave a hook to hang the feeder on and so you can lift it down to re-load it with yummies.

Hang in a tree (where you can watch  ) above “Cat jumping height” and Enjoy the action.