Trial of the SnapE Rat traps

In August 2014 I purchased a few of these traps to trial and have mounted them around 2 meters off the ground nailed in trees and usually positioned just above the fork in a branch. Trees are where Rats tend to live for most of the time as thats where the best food is. (Danger lurks on the ground) In the trees there are nice fresh shoots, flowers, seeds and of course birds eggs and Baby birds. In most cases I have placed these traps right above a ground based box trap and the results speak for them selves. The SnapE traps have proved very good at killing and since August 2014 they have taken more than 578 Rats. This is around 60% of the total Rats we are getting. I feel that the future may be in tree mounted traps. They are easy to set, easy to re-bait, easy to get the dead Rats out of, don’t get covered in leaves and dead branches and they get no interference from the public and Weka. Ground based traps MUST be put in a box to prevent accidental catches of the wrong species and ensure Rats approach the trap the best way to get a quick kill, so, apart from a nail or screw to hold them on a tree, theres no box to add to the cost of setting up a trap line. Loaded with a tiny dob of PIC’s Peanut butter, they are irresistible to Rats. As our Victor traps fail we will replace with SnapE’s. If you are interested in this method of trapping Rats please get in touch.