Ethics of trapping

Ethics of animal control

It’s People that have the greatest effect on Nature.

Since Humans arrived in this Country they have been modifying and changing the landscape, cutting down millions of trees, introducing undesirable animal and weed pests. Combined with commercial activities and Urban development, Humans changed the landscape so it is no longer even a faded resemblance of  the pristine environment that it was before we arrived to mess it up.

Nature suffers. Native Birds, plants and biodiversity all suffer. Pollution & weeds & pests destroy the natural habitat. European Birds (Sparrows, Blackbirds etc) don’t need help because they evolved knowing about pests and are prolific breeders to keep well ahead of the casualties.

Our Native species never evolved to cope with pests.

Rats, Mice, Possums, Stoats, Weasels, Hedgehogs, Cats and Wasps were all deliberately or accidentally released in this Country, while steadily killing all our Native flora & fauna they contribute absolutely nothing.

HOW DO WE SAVE our native birds from these pests?

  • We can drop poisons like 1080 to stop them.
  •  We can build expensive Sanctuaries with fences to surround them.
  • We have special traps to catch pests.
  • Genetic technology can change pest behaviour.

There are hundreds of Conservation groups in New Zealand and thousands doing pest animal control.

But are we correct in doing this? Not everyone agrees.

  • Some say “ let nature find its own balance”.
  • Some say “don’t harm God’s creatures”.
  • Others say “don’t drop poison on our land”.
  • Some also say “we cant afford the cost.”

These are important debates aren’t they?  What do you think?  You need to know the scientific issues & not rely on your personal preference or some of the untrue and inaccurate & outdated social media comments.

One thing we do know for certain is that it’s always the weakest that come off worst and in this case it’s all our Native species (Birds, Bats and Bugs) and many hundreds of Native species are already extinct. Our present remaining Native species will not survive without assistance, so we must either try to save them or loose them and just have Rats, Stoats and other Pests.

What would YOU prefer?

Birdlife on Grampians strive to offset the loss of Native Birds locally by trapping Pests that arrive to kill them.

You can help

  • Trap Rats and Mice at your place. Use an approved & humane trap in a properly designed box.
  • Don’t touch kill traps in reserves. They are there to do a job. Traps are contaminated & need careful handling.
  • Keep your Cat indoors & microchipped. (fact):  Cats eat millions of Birds. (Not even needing food.)
  • Control your Dog, keep on a lead around Weka. The smell of Weka triggers Dogs to attack. Get your Dog aversion trained.
  • No Dogs or Cats in National parks. Fines are imposed for those found and poisons laid there will kill Dogs.
  • Volunteer to help DOC & trapping Groups. Cash donations or support are most helpful.